Kyle Horner

10+ years of online media & digital marketing EXP


3rd person: Kyle is a marketing professional experienced in copywriting, content marketing, brand strategy, multi-channel online media thinking, and a wide spectrum of AV production. He's proficient in Google Analytics and other social media / web KPI tools.

1st person: Starting in 2007 as a Contributing Editor for the Engadget Network, I reported on the video gaming industry, writing featured content, game guides, interviews, daily news, and mentoring junior writers to help shape outlet brand voice and tone.

After the Engadget Network I joined Turbine / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in Digital Marketing & Publishing. From researching in-development products primarily by scheduling and leading cross-department meetings to pitching brand copy for websites, points of sale, and paid adverts. I also wrote product guides, video scripts, and contributed to the localization process.

At Disruptor Beam, in addition to my responsibilities from Turbine/WBIE, I built video and social media brand strategies extended from the personas and strategies built for the in-development and later live product.



From Bithell Games, the indie studio behind Thomas Was Alone & VolumeEarthShape is "a little arcadey puzzler" coming to Google Daydream.

Kyle assisted in solving the marketing strategy & communication, including copywriting, website development, social media strategy, market analysis, and playtesting.

Star Trek timelines

Starting by assembling an AV studio, Kyle was responsible for bottom-to-top in-house video production, building the processes and pipelines for on-demand and livestreamed video production.

Kyle also integrated brand strategy into marketing copy and communications, blog posts, product guides, and marketing key art development.


DC Comics' INfinite Crisis

For launch and live, Infinite Crisis marketing campaigns required collaboration between digital marketing, web, and product teams. Kyle helped develop new processes for trailer scripting and video content, working within an agile project management process.

Content work came in a broad variety: online character pages, official announcements, written game guides, live streams, blog posts, email campaigns, script-writing for character spotlight trailers, and banner ad copy-writing and copy-editing.

Lord of the Rings Online

Website content for Lord of the Rings Online adheres to British English in a tone of voice that recalls the iconic epic fantasy storytelling of the book trilogy upon which the product is based.

All other copy could be far more succinct. This has made every iteration of a unique set of challenges, from planning, researching, and writing game guides for new players to enticing and informing potential returning players of new content.

Lord of the rings online: Helm's Deep

The LOTRO Helm's Deep expansion featured new class balance, story, and game systems. Creating the Helm's Deep website involved managing and leading cross-departmental meetings with game designers, web designers, 2D/3D artists, and brand specialists. 

Dungeons & Dragons Online

Dungeons & Dragons Online is a complex action-RPG that's challenging for new players. So as part of overall content strategy for, Kyle strove for new player guides with input from influential community veterans. This required working very closely with the community leads to ask effective questions and drive social engagement for news, game guides, features, and in-game events.

Later on, Kyle developed expansion product brand positioning and copy voice and tone.

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