8+ years of online media & digital marketing EXP


3rd person: Kyle is a marketing professional experienced in copywriting, content marketing, brand strategy, multi-channel online media thinking, and a wide spectrum of AV production. He's proficient in Google Analytics and other social media / web KPI tools.

1st person: Starting in 2007 as a Contributing Editor for the Engadget Network, I reported on the video gaming industry, writing featured content, game guides, interviews, daily news, and mentoring junior writers to help shape outlet brand voice and tone.

After the Engadget Network I joined Turbine / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in Digital Marketing & Publishing. From researching in-development products primarily by scheduling and leading cross-department meetings to pitching brand copy for websites, points of sale, and paid adverts. I also wrote product guides, video scripts, and contributed to the localization process.

At Disruptor Beam, in addition to my responsibilities from Turbine/WBIE, I built video and social media brand strategies extended from the personas and strategies built for the in-development and later live product.